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I build and deploy websites designed to give users the best online experience today while being future-focused and adaptable.


About Me

Daniel Still

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Hi, I'm a full-stack web dev. I use a selection of modern web technologies to build websites that are fast, user-friendly, secure and social. I began my coding journey as a hobby back in 2014 and have since found my passion in building web apps with Next.js.

I'm currently working as a web developer for Dealer Studio building modern websites for car dealerships. I'm also open to freelance work involving frontend or backend jobs as I aim to always be growing and exploring new technologies. Additionally, I enjoy connecting with other developers and I aspire to be deeply involved with open source contributions.

I have interests in various aspects of IT, from networking to data science. That being said, coding is my true passion. I aim to use this passion to build or maintain applications that have a positive impact on society. My experience is with TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, and Java, but I am also interested in learning other languages. Examples of my code can be found on GitHub. Some of the projects I've enjoyed making include:

  • Solid Typer

    An open source package for adding text-typing animations to Solid.js apps.

  • Web Frameworks

    An open source library of example components JavaScript frameworks, including React, Vue, and Svelte.

  • Humanergetics

    A former WordPress website, redesigned with Next.js to enable better performance, user experience and security.

  • Active Words

    A free web app that enables users to manage a personal glossary and enhancing their learning.

  • P5 Animations Starter

    A starter repo to help people easily begin creating and sharing animations using P5.js, empowered by Vite.

  • Sample SQL Generator

    A python program used for creating queries that generate sample data for SQL.

The Key Ingredients

Great Websites Are


Optimising Performance

Users expect modern websites to load instantly and feel similar to a mobile app. I'm focused on maximising the performace of the sites I build.

“Now that it’s one of Google’s components in its ranking algorithm, page speed has become critical for ranking and page views. ”

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Creating Enjoyable Experiences

People like websites that are easy to explore, consistent and accessible. I believe good design is about understanding your users and keeping them in the driver's seat. For example, feel free to change the theme by clicking the button below...

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Reducing Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity is a fundamental feature that every website must implement. Monolithic CMS platforms such as WordPress are vulnerable to various exploits. I prefer to use a static site approach to web hosting keeps your live website and your CMS separate and secure.

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Connecting Sites with Social Media

A great website means nothing unless people are visting it. I'm experienced with running ads on Social Media platforms and I believe it is essential to seamlessly integrate your website with your Social Media accounts and monitor your traffic. A top quality site, combined with good marketing will take your business to new heights.

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Empowered By Modern Tools

These are the main technologies I use to design, develop and deploy websites throughout the world.

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I use TypeScript to develop all the components and utilities in web apps. This makes it easier to create maintainable, secure, and error-free code than using traditional JavaScript.

Programming Language
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Next.js is my framework of choice. It's an incredibly flexible framework built on top of React.js that enables building hybrid websites with dynamic and/or static pages.

Web Framework
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Amazon Web Services

AWS is the gold-standard of cloud platforms. I use it for hosting websites, maintaining databases, user authentication, adding machine learning, and more...

Cloud Platform

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Gold Coast, Australia

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